Achieving Life Balance


Some say that “the fullness of life is incubated in its messy places”. So, how do we cultivate this and stay sane at the same time? Life’s is truly a juggling act, and Spring is a great time to rebalance your mind, body and spirit. Pilates uses the body as a portal to find that re-centering working on balance- stretching and strengthening with control. With balance in our physical body, we are better able to focus our minds on what’s important in our lives.

Janet Teacher, a 13 year student of the method shared her perspective. “Pilates is excellent for the spirit. It is invigorating, and helps to clear the mind while focusing on movement and breath. It’s a very efficient form of exercise, never boring, and there’s always more to learn.”

At June Hines Pilates, we help you focus first on physical balance. This can be an imbalance due to overuse of muscle groups or a refinement of balance to protect us as we age. In private Pilates sessions you move apparatus to safely control core “powerhouse” muscles achieving dynamic balance while sitting, standing, and lying down. By proactively balancing your body, you will prevent setbacks like injuries and strengthen your resolve to live fully without compromise at every age.

So, cultivate the fullness of life and give Pilates a try!

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