The following studio guidelines maximize workouts in an environment that protect health and safety.

  • Be prompt for your appointments as you will be prepared to move and get the most from your Pilates session.
  • Socks on the feet are preferred for cleanliness and sanitary reasons for all.  (Certain exercises do need the contact of feet to the apparatus)
  • Please clean up after yourself.  As we work on a piece of apparatus we should leave it in order and clean for the next person.
  • Excessive conversation during a workout can distract not only your own workout but the workout of others.  Please keep voices at a tone and level to respect others.
  • Please avoid using perfumes/lotions before coming in for your workout.  Clients, teachers, etc. could be allergic and/or bothered by heavy scents.

  • The studio is a cell phone free zone.  If you are expecting an important call discuss this with your instructor before beginning your session.
  • MAT & APPARATUS class cards have a six (6) month expiration from the date of first use.
  • PRIVATE/SEMI-PRIVATE cards have a one year expiration from the date of first use.
  • ALL  MAT CLASS, APPARATUS CLASS,  PRIVATE, OR SEMI-PRIVATE CARDS,  are  non refundable once purchased. Should you have a problem of any kind using a card, you have the option of selling or transferring your card to someone else.

Above all have a great Pilates session and a good day!

June Hines Pilates Team