Susan: Healing my Body with Pilates

Watch me Box and Remember the Dragonflies

It has been a while since I have connected with you all.  Honestly writing to you is work for me.  I am forced to face my feelings and stories about what happened and is happening in my life.  So like most of us, I procrastinate sometimes. 

As you know I have been doing therapy four times a week- two Pilates therapies and two traditional therapies.  In my traditional physical therapy we work on similar things just in some (not always) different ways.  Balance, gait, strength, flexibility and coordination all included. My Pilates therapy is twice a week with June Hines now- Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I am often pleased with my progress.  I am often frustrated with my inability to do what was once so easy.  My emotions before, during and after therapy (traditional and Pilates) consequently are "all over the place".  And I feel very vulnerable!  As I promised, I want to be real and authentic with you.  To that end I am sharing a video with you of me boxing as part of my traditional PT. This is very hard for me to share with you...ugh...even as I write this I do not want you to see it.  It is so difficult to hold myself with love and compassion as I watch it and not with criticality!  This boxing is difficult AND exhilarating at the same time.  AND it has made me aware of how much anger I am carrying about this journey.  AND how liberating it is to release the anger in a healthy way. 

My therapist, R.J., jokes that one of these times I am going to miss those pads in his hands and get him in the stomach...and he is scared:)! I hope you enjoy it and it brings a smile to your face.  The harness that they attach me to is a fabulous tool and great a swing from my younger years.  I laugh every time I am able to swing when I fall.

My Pilates client, Lisa Hynson, sent me a card that I have kept on my desk with this saying that I share with you as I close:

"Dragonfly: Having flown the earth for 300 million years, dragonflies symbolize our ability to overcome times of hardship.  They remind us to take time to reconnect with our own strength, courage and happiness."