June Hines Pilates Travels Abroad

One great aspect of Pilates is that you can travel the world and either do your own workout in your hotel room, or seek out a studio where you are traveling.  Pilates travels well if you have the knowledge and a clear space to perform the mat exercises with control and strength as Joseph Pilates intended.  Several of our instructors recently traveled abroad and we want to share their Pilates experience with you.

Susan Wilson traveled to France and visited Normandy, Provence, and Paris.  She visited with Philippe Taupin, a Romana’s Pilates Level 2 instructor. Philippe was June Hines’ first Pilates instructor when she was training back in 1996. While living in New York, he was a boarder at Romana’s New York City apartment.  Susan had great lessons with Philippe in his studio.


June Hudson recently traveled to Italy for the first time to explore and enjoy the life offered in a beautiful country.  She stayed in a villa in Tuscany for 10 days and met a group of people that were sharing her experience.  She is an ambassador of Pilates and offered her new friends the chance to experience Pilates for the first time. 

Pilates is a wonderful way of moving the body and can be carried with you as you travel.  And, if you can't make it to the studio, Pilates can be practiced at home or work. Learning the form and method of Joseph Pilates work is life changing.