The Next Generation of Pilates Teachers


Matthew Morfopoulos has just begun his training to become certified as a Romana's Pilates Teacher.  For those of you who don't know, Matthew is my son.  I was in training to get certified to teach Pilates in 1996 and became pregnant with Matthew.  I did my final test with Romana and Sari in Oct. 1996 and  Matthew was born on Monday Dec. 9th, 1996, ironically Joseph Pilates birthday also.  As a child in our home studio Matthew played with the apparatus and made fortresses to play and hide in.  He even took a class with Romana in 2006 in New York in which Romana worked with kids.  Matthew being an avid tennis player for more than 6 years, I recall being in New Orleans for a conference and he wanted to ask Romana about his painful (tennis) elbow.  Romana was gracious as he asked her about his sore elbow and she answered his questions.   Now at 17 he is pursuing his training with Greg Elwell, Annemarie Quinn, and Anthony Rabara in Princeton.  It is exciting for me to see him grow and progress.  He is a sponge and eager to soak up all the information he can.   More later as he continues through his new path.

June Hines


Feb. 25th 2014

A month later from his first basic seminar, Matthew has started to observe lessons, teach lessons, and take his own lessons.  It is amazing what we can learn by watching.  I always remember my teacher, Romana Kryzanowska, who was extraordinary at observing people and how they moved.  As Matthew has watched he is learning about different bodies and learning how to detect what the person or body might need.  As I have been associated with Romana's Pilates since it's inception in 2003, it has been a privilege to mentor apprentices seeking certification to teach Pilates.  It is exciting to see the next generation of Pilates Teachers evolve and I have been thankful to have been a part of that process.  It is rewarding to see not only clients understand this wonderful method of moving developed by Joseph Pilates, but also as prospective teachers have light bulbs go off with an enlightened view of this great method.  Matthew's next seminar is in late March where he will be learning from Jerome Weinberg at True Pilates of New York for 3 days.  Till then he will keep regular hours to advance his knowledge and prepare his body as he progresses through Romana's Pilates training program.   Anyone interested in scheduling a lesson with Matthew should call or email and we can set up a session for you.