Looking Inside of the Body

I just returned from a 6 day cadaver dissection lab at The University of CT at Bridgeport led by Dr. Joe Muscolino, Licensed Chiropractor Physician.  Joe knows the anatomical body backwards and forwards.  His energetic and fun style of teaching guided our class of 20 massage therapists and various movement therapists (Pilates, yoga, personal trainers) through a tour of the human body.  We investigated the muscular, skeletal, and visceral components of the body.  

When I have been asked, "What did you learn", I have taken a pause as I feel I have learned so much and yet I know so little.  There were 4 bodies/vessels of people who donated their bodies so people like myself could learn about our complex organism.  One of the things that was fascinating was examining the fascia, or connective tissue within the body.    I have included a short video which explains the fascia very well.  Take a minute to watch Gil Hedley, Anatomist, explain and show about the connective tissue that holds us all together.  He called it "The Fuzz Speech".

Thanks for listening,

June Hines